The human sensory world is atrophied in the modern world. It is important to encounter and deal with emotions and potential emotional locks and gain sensory experiences from our environment. 

Art offers a good channel for this, the beauty of spirituality and silence instead of the superficial stimuli of the modern world, the opportunity to stop for a moment and listen to the inner, own dreams and needs, take over your own life in the midst of the demands of hurry and everyday life. 

Many of the themes of my work stem from an experience I want to convey to the viewer in a dialogue of movement, shape, line, and color. I interpret natural landscapes and soul landscapes. In my work, I want to bring out the intensity, intensity, or silent sensitivity of my senses, as I have experienced it. I focus more on expressive and symbolic expression, rather than more static realistic expression, because that's how I feel my language of expression expands.